Another recognition for Dacatè S.r.l.

The Italian company that has been working for years in the excellence of the roasting industry, after winning the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting Asia 2017 of IIAC, the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, with the Golden Brasil espresso blend Coffee in Black, has received in the 2018 edition of the award the prestigious recognition with two other excellent products: Gold Medal in the "Bio" category for the 1961 Organic blend, and the Gold Medal for the "100% Arabica" category for the 100% Arabica Espresso.

The champion’s list is filled based on the annual average growth and has identified three sectors for awards. Our Company was inserted in the “Platinum” category, or else companies with average annual growth with turnover above 30%. The purpose of the award is to pay homage to dynamic enterprises that are contributing in giving new impulses to economy and society. Receiving this award makes us proud and a push for better improvement, but most of all awareness of having great prospects for the future.

DACATE’ srl certified ISo 9001/2015 has always been searching for a coffee with superior qualities and, selecting its coffees from the best plantations from all over the world, Guatemala, Colombia, Brasile, Kenya, Jamaica and others, creating a wide range of blends in order to give an ideal product to each customer and a perfect product to the final consumer. From March 2017 the company has obtained also certification for both beans and ground organic coffee

In the last years the growing commercial expansion of the company has caused the product “Golden Brasil” “Alunni Caffè” “Arditi” e “Private Label" to be present in several Italian locations and in many foreign nations, thanks to an increasing network of distributors and a dynamic strategy which translates in forecasting market directions, without changing its primary objectives: Product quality, customer satisfaction and services optimization, including training conducted by our SCA Authorized trainers of the SCA coffee diploma system.

EN ISO 9001:2015
The field of activity for quality management for coffee roasting and sale.

Authorized control body
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2017 Golden Brasil Black
2017 Golden Brasil Black
2018 Arabica Arditi
2018 Arabica Arditi
2018 Bio 1961 Organic
2018 Bio 1961 Organic
2019 Arabica Arditi
2019 Alunni Luigina

ICEA Certification Body
The golden group
Manufacturing Plant
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