Golden Training

Golden Brasil Coffee, training sessions are shown through video tutorials of the Academy, where students practice for the best espressos extraction, cappuccinos and other coffee based drinks.
All courses are run by Fabio Menichelli, Bar Trainer

Perfect Espresso

Introduces and defines the steps that determines the coffee quality, from the coffee plant knowledge to the cultivation methods,the processing and finally the roasting. Fundamental is the knowledge of the product, its processing and production. Session: 4 Hours.


The origin of coffee from the plant to the bean; coffee processing methods, primary commercial classifications, arabica e robusta differences Preparation of an espresso; espresso tasting, visual aspect and sensory profile. Differences between an over extracted and under extracted espresso.

espresso preparation: espresso tasting, proper extraction over extraction and under extraction; the right and the wrong way of making an espresso; grinder and machine maintanance. The course can be done at your premises.

Latte Art

Notions, preparation and application of latte art techniques, from the topping patterns, to the final free pour techniques Session: 4 hours.

milk and its features; the cappuccino, milk pitchers, steam wand, milk texturing; cold and hot milk texturing, cappuccino preparation and milk patterns; topping patterns; latte art cappuccinos; workstation management: organisation and management of service;maintanance and machine management .
The course can also be done at your bar/cafè.

cappuccino preparation and basic latte art.

Specialty Coffee

Analysis and study  of coffee consumption modalities, its market and changes and target. Capacities and skills of the manager to proposive selling  through creativity, innovation and tendencies, with highlights on coffee blend selection and its qualities. Session: 4 hours

Theory is joined at the same time with practice, processing different types of chocolate, preparation of coffee chocolate, aromatized coffees, coffee with wipped or liquid cream, cold coffees, shakered, icecoffees, and coffee cocktails. At the end of the course a barista kit will be given.

Coffee Taster:

Studies and practice of coffee tasting, criterias e application processes to develop visual and sensory skills, for espresso coffee tasting and cupping, coffee evaluation. Session: 4-6 hours.

First part is technical with preparation, analysis e evaluation of coffee, and the second part is practical with tasting sessions.

single origin coffee tasting.


At the end of the course an exam will allow the barista to achieve the recognition, official plaque, di Barista Expert, Golden Brasil Local Gold.